Off-leash dog parks

In Nillumbik, there are three designated off-leash dog parks, in Diamond Creek, Eltham North and Hurstbridge. There are also many off-leash areas within other parks and reserves.

Find an off-leash dog park or area

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Control your dog off-leash

If you are walking your dog off-leash within the permitted areas, you must always have effective control of your dog.

A dog is considered under effective control if:

  • it will return to you upon command
  • you have a clear and unobstructed view of the dog at all times
  • it does not bother or worry other people or animals
  • it stays within 50 metres of you.

Keep your dog on a leash in all other areas

If you are not in an off-leash area, you must keep your dog under control and on a leash that is no longer than 3 metres.

Your dog must be on a leash:

  • in all public parks and reserves except where signed
  • within 5 metres of a shared use path
  • on all streets, roads, public car parks and footpaths.

Locations where dogs are not allowed

 Dogs are not allowed:

  • within 5 metres of playgrounds or public BBQs
  • in environmentally sensitive areas
  • in schools, kindergartens or childcare centres, unless permission has been provided
  • on all synthetic sporting surfaces.

Dogs are also not allowed in these public places:

Clean up dog poo

If you are out in public with your dog you are also responsible for cleaning up any dog poo. You need to:

  • carry a bag or scoop for removing any dog poo left by your dog
  • remove and appropriately dispose of any dog poo left by your dog
  • if asked, show the ranger that you have a suitable bag or scoop for removing dog poo.

 If you don't remove any dog poo left by your dog, you may get a fine.