Owning a dog

Photo of two dogs sitting on some grass


If you own a dog in Nillumbik, you will need to meet a number of state and local government requirements. These requirements help:

  • keep your dog safe
  • prevent your dog from being a nuisance to the community
  • prevent dog attacks.

To find out more about being a responsible dog owner, you can also:


Register your dog

Every dog that is three months of age or older must be registered with Nillumbik Shire Council. This is a legal requirement under the Domestic Animals Act 1994. If you do not register your dog, you may get a fine.

Before registering, your dog also needs to be microchipped. Speak to your vet or visit Animal Welfare Victoria for more information about microchipping your dog.

Register your dog


In Nillumbik, it is not compulsory to desex your dog but it is recommended. Speak to your vet or visit Animal Welfare Victoria for more information about the benefits of desexing your dog.

To encourage desexing, we reduce the registration fee for desexed dogs.

Obedience training

If your dog has successfully completed obedience training through an approved organisation, we reduce your registration fee.

Visit Animal Welfare Victoria to get a list of approved obedience training organisations.


Where to walk your dog

There are a number of designated off-leash dog parks in Nillumbik with fenced areas and other amenities. There are also many off-leash areas within other parks and reserves.

Find out more about where dogs are and aren't allowed, and advice about controlling your dog off leash.

Where to walk your dog


Get a permit for multiple dogs

If you want to have more than two dogs (three months of age or older) at your property you will need to apply to Council for a permit.

Apply for a permit to keep more than two dogs


Keep your dog confined

You are legally required to keep your dog confined to your property. This means your yard must have:

  • a closed gate that your dog cannot jump, get under or through
  • an escape-proof fence that your dog cannot jump, get under or through.

Visitors to your property must also have safe access to your front door without being stopped by your dog. If you don't confine your dog, you may get a fine.


Control your dog in public

If you are walking your dog in a public place, you must always have control of your dog and keep it on a leash no longer than 3 metres.  

Your dog must be on a leash:

  • in all public parks and reserves except where signed
  • within 5 metres of a shared use path
  • on all streets, roads, public car parks and footpaths.

In Nillumbik we also have a number of off-leash dog parks and spaces


Remove dog poo

If you are out in public with your dog you are also responsible for cleaning up any dog poo. You need to:

  • carry a bag or scoop for removing any dog poo left by your dog
  • remove and appropriately dispose of any dog poo left by your dog
  • if asked, show the ranger that you have a suitable bag or scoop for removing dog poo.