Hillmartin Gin

naught gin.jpeg

Gavin, HM Gin’s head distiller (and co-creator) was discussing how he’d always thought about making wine but now that he was entering his 60s, and with the length of time it takes to make great wine, it was probably past him. His mate, let’s call him Gary, suggested he make spirits instead and with Gavin’s degree in Applied Chemistry it all made sense, even near the end of their long lunch.

As Melbourne entered yet another lockdown in 2020 Hillmartin started experimenting in their family shed. From that moment on Amy and Gavin caught some kind of gin bug – they were obsessed with distilling and flavour experimentation. It was after their first batch of Orange Squeeze that they knew they had to start sharing our gins with the world.

If you had of told either of them two years ago that we would soon be running a gin distillery neither of them would have believed you.