Kings of Kangaroo Ground

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Ken King commenced planting his Kangaroo Ground vineyard in 1990.

Pinot Noir and Chardonnay varieties were chosen to suit the south facing site. Initially, the high quality grapes were sold to Yarra Valley wineries. In 2001, a well-equipped winery was built and the brand ‘Kings of Kangaroo Ground’ commenced.

All wines are handcrafted, vegan compliant (no animal products used) and the grapes are pesticide free. Other grape varieties are now sourced from local ‘black soil’ growers and from a select vineyard in the Heathcote region.

King’s passion is driven by the pursuit of excellence that can be achieved through minimalist wine-making intervention, they want their wines to be at the pinnacle of this traditional craft.


15 Graham Road,  Kangaroo Ground 3097  View map

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