Naught Distillery

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With a value towards the adoration of feminine beauty and strength, and a mission to instil freedom and creativity from within, Naught’s award-winning Australian gin is a balance between elegance and playfulness. 

Wicked or classic, cheeky or defined, Naught was created with balance in mind. The distinct and smooth flavours distilled in Naught gin create the most memorable sensation on the palette.

Drawing inspiration from the early twentieth-century colloquial term ‘Naught’, meaning “lost, ruined, wicked”, the cocktail bar was designed by well-known interior design company, Studio Y.

Described by the owner, Chris Cameron as an “ode to feminine beauty”, the space showcases graceful artwork, stately wallpapers, plush velvet chairs and intimate leather booths that allow guests to admire the art of the bartenders as if they were viewing a theatre show of cocktail making.

The speakeasy bar doesn’t have any windows which makes the experience all the more encompassing and diners can be easily transported to a world without the concept of time passing by. 




Naught Cocktail Bar,  2/32 Peel Street,  Eltham 3095  View map

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