Where to walk your dog

You must always have control of your dog when out for a walk and it must be on a leash no longer than 3 metres.  

  • In all public parks and reserves except where signed
  • within 5 metres of a shared use path, and
  • on all streets, roads, public car parks and footpaths.

Off leash areas

Dogs are permitted off-leash but must be under effective control in the following parks and reserves (as designated by signs):

  • Eltham Lower Park, Eltham (Melway 21 H11)
  • Griffith Park, Eltham (Melway 21 J11)
  • Plenty River Drive Reserve, Greensborough (Melway 11 B8)
  • Eltham East Linear Reserve north of Diosma Road, Eltham (Melway 22 E4)
  • Falkiner Street Park, Eltham (Barrack Bushland) (Melway 21 H9)
  • Susan Street, Eltham (Melway 21 H6)
  • Gumtree Reserve, Research (Melway 22F5)
  • Woodridge Linear Park, Eltham (Melway 22 B5)
  • Fergusons Paddock, Hurstbridge (Melway 185 K7) - south side of path (dogs are prohibited from entering wetland areas where signposted)
  • Nillumbik Park, Diamond Creek (Melway 12 A5), (dogs are prohibited from entering sporting oval and wetlands)
  • Diamond Creek Reserve, Diamond Creek (Melway 11 K7), (dogs are prohibited from entering wetland areas where signposted and sporting oval, except at Council approved events)
  • Designated off-leash dog park, Diamond Creek (Melway 11 K7)
  • Designated off-leash dog park, Hurstbridge (Melway 185 J7)

As a guide for implementation, a dog shall be deemed to be under the effective control of its owner if:

  • It will return to its owner upon command
  • The owner retains a clear and unobstructed view of the dog
  • It does not bother or worry other people or animals
  • It stays within 50 metres of its owner.

Dogs are not allowed

  • Within 5 metres of a childrens playground or public BBQ
  • In environmentally sensitive areas
  • In schools, kindergartens or childcare centres unless permission has been provided
  • All synthetic sporting surfaces
  • Or in these public places:
    • Diamond Creek Reserve, Diamond Creek (Mel ref 11 K7) - dogs are prohibited from entering wetland areas
    • Sweeneys Flats, Eltham (Mel ref 22 B10) – Parks Victoria land
    • Professors Hill Reserve, North Warrandyte (Mel ref 23 C7
    • Chase Reserve, North Warrandyte (Mel ref 23 D5)
    • Blue Tongue Bend Reserve, North Warrandyte (Mel ref 23 J6)
    • Temple Ridge and Bailey Gully Reserve, Wattle Glen (Mel ref 185 J11)
    • Reserve, Watsons Creek (Mel ref 272 D5)
    • Marngrook oval, Diamond Creek
    • Coventry Oval, Diamond Creek
    • All sporting ovals in Hurstbridge