E-waste to landfill ban

Take your e-waste to a better place

E-waste is anything with a plug, battery or cord that is unwanted. It could be any of a whole range of items from work, home or even the garden shed. From old phones, computers and household appliances to power tools and toys.

E-waste is full of valuable resources we can reuse, as well as some nasty materials that are bad for the environment. Rather than putting it in the bin and sending it to landfill, we should take it to a better place where we can remove the bad and save the good.

E-waste recycling in Nillumbik

Recycle your e-waste free of charge: 

  • Small e-waste drop off points at Diamond Valley Library, Eltham Library and Hurstbridge Community Hub. Check opening hours.
    For recycling batteries, light globes/LEDs/CFLs, mobile phones and any e-waste item that is smaller than a laptop or can fit through an 8cm x 40cm slot (e.g. electric toothbrush, computer mouse, watch, modem, tablet, laptop, small camera, cords and cables). Please remove batteries from items and sort correctly. 




Remember to remove your personal information from your mobile phone, camera or computer before recycling. Find out how

For further information on e-waste or to find details of other recycling centres visit ewaste.vic.gov.au

*charges apply for fridges, freezers and air conditioners due to the degassing process