Ellis Ward - Councillor Peter Perkins


Councillor Peter Perkins

Peter Perkins is the Councillor for Ellis Ward.

Re-elected, Cr Peter Perkins is pleased to continue working for the residents of Ellis Ward.

With more than 25 years' community service as a member of the Diamond Creek CFA, it was natural that Peter was Chair of the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee during his time at Council.

"While I have delivered for Diamond Creek over the past seven years as Councillor, more needs to be done. Projects I would like to see happening are an upgraded community centre, a library, a redeveloped local swimming pool, a regional playground and improved connectivity and an easing of traffic congestion.

"Rates need controlling and we demand our fair share in infrastructure spend. I pledge to actively engage, listen and act on the community's views."

Cr Perkins is a firefighter for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. 

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