Apply for a busking permit

If you want to busk on land owned or managed by Nillumbik Shire Council you may need a permit.

Council land includes:

  • local roads not maintained by VicRoads
  • footpaths and nature strips
  • parks, reserves and playgrounds.

If you don't have a permit, you may get a fine.

Busking includes any form of public entertainment that you provide to raise funds for personal gain or to donate to charity.

School students can busk without a permit

If you are a student at a school located in Nillumbik you don’t need a busking permit. But you will need to:

  • use the proceeds for educational purposes or personal development
  • avoid blocking pedestrian traffic
  • busk during daylight hours.

How to apply for a permit 

Apply online

Step 1.Make sure you have public liability insurance

You will need to provide evidence of current public liability insurance for a minimum of $10 million.

Step 2.Get written permission from the shop owner or manager

If you want to busk outside a shop, you will need written permission from the owner or manager of the store. 

Step 3.Submit the online form

Apply for a permit to busk


The application fee for a permit to busk is $21 per day of busking. This amount is correct as of 1 July 2024.

After your permit application is received, an invoice will be generated and emailed to you. This email will contain instructions on how to pay.

Criteria for issuing permits

To find out more about the criteria that Council uses to make a decision about this permit, see our Nillumbik General Local Law 1 Procedure and Protocol Manual(PDF, 2MB).