Ask a question at a Council meeting

To ask a question of Council at a Council meeting, complete the online form at the link below - you will receive a confirmation email that your question/s have been received. The confirmation may go to your junk email items.


Questions must be submitted by 11:59pm two days prior to the advertised date of the Council meeting.

Questions received after the deadline may be referred to the following month's Council meeting. 


To ensure your question meets the criteria to be read at the meeting, please note the following:

Each person may submit only two questions.

The Chairperson and/or the Chief Executive Officer may at their discretion, refuse to accept a question if the question:

  • is a statement or opinion;
  • relates to a matter outside the duties, functions or powers of Council;
  • is indecent, abusive or objectionable in language or obscene;
  • is repetitive or deals with a subject matter already answered at the same or an earlier meeting;
  • is in the opinion of the Chairperson or Chief Executive Officer, asked to embarrass a Councillor or an officer
  • relates to the personal views or actions of an individual Councillor or Officer;
  • is considered trivial or vexatious or it is more appropriate to direct to officers of the Shire during normal business hours;
  • relates to a matter that is the subject of negotiation, litigation or commercial interest/advantage; or
  • relates to a matter which the Council has discussed in camera or proposes to discuss after closing the meeting to members of the public in accordance with section 66(2) of the Act.
The procedure and sequence for dealing with a question is that the Chairperson:
  • shall name the questioner;
  • shall read out the question; and
  • may answer the question or direct the question as they deem appropriate.

Additional information to assist you in submitting your questions can be found in our FAQ guide(PDF, 228KB) and Clause 24 of the Governance Rule - Meeting Procedures.(PDF, 776KB)

How to submit a question

If you would like to ask a question at a Council meeting, please complete the online form at the link below.

Ask a question at a Council meeting 

Please direct any questions to Council's Governance team by emailing or call 9433 3718.

Privacy collection statement

The personal information requested on this form is being collected by Council if you wish to ask a question at a Council Meeting.

This information is being collected in accordance with Council's Governance Rule - Meeting Procedure, and will be used solely by Council for the purpose of registering your question.

If your question is answered at the meeting, your name will be read aloud and captured in the audio and live-streaming recording which is made available to the public on Council's website and YouTube channel, and will be noted in the minutes of the Council meeting.

If you do not provide the information or provide it only in part, your question may not be accepted or answered.

You may access the personal information that Council holds about you by contacting the Privacy Officer on 9433 3271 or by email