Make a submission to a planning application

Any person who feels they are affected by a proposal can make a submission to a planning permit. 

Submissions relating solely to commercial competition will be rejected by Council. 

Once a submission is received, Council must consider the submission unless it is withdrawn in writing.

Council will make a copy of every submission available for inspection at the Council offices for any person to inspect during office hours. Council cannot make a decision on a planning permit application until 14 days after the giving of the last notice.

How to submit


Step 1.View the planning application online

Find out more about viewing advertised planning applications.

Step 2.Check the date

Submissions must be lodged by the date shown on the 'Notice of Application'.

Step 3.Write your submission

A submission by a person must:

  • be made in writing,
  • clearly state how you would be affected, and
  • provide your full name and postal address.

A submission made by a group, such as a petition must:

  • be made in writing
  • clearly state the reasons for objecting, and
  • nominate one contact person with postal address of contact person provided.

Step 4.Complete the online form

Make a submission to a planning application


Mail your submission

Nillumbik Shire Council - Planning Services
PO Box 476
Greensborough VIC 3088

What happens next?

After the advertising period concludes, Council will consider all submissions. Once a final decision is made, the permit applicants and all objectors will be advised of the outcome of the application. Find out more about the outcomes of planning permit applications.