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Watch recordings of environment and sustainability webinars from recent months. 

Queensland Fruit Fly for the home gardener

The Queensland Fruit Fly (QFly) has arrived in Melbourne and could impact your fruit or veggie harvest this season. 

 This webinar was recorded 5 October 2020



How to make your home more energy efficient

Learn how to take simple and cost-effective energy-saving actions at home to save money and reduce your impact on the environment. For further residential Energy Efficiency information or advice, please contact the Australian Energy Foundation on 1300 23 68 55, send an email to advice@aef.com.au, or visit their website: www.aef.com.au



Introduction to deer in Nillumbik

Hear from experts and other residents who are experiencing issues with deer, and learn how to get involved in training and collaborative opportunities to help us all tackle this problem.

Originally published 12 September 2020.



Eucalypts of north east Melbourne

Learn the basics so you can identify your local Eucalypts and find out what grows where and why. Eucalypts are the most common species in our region, the most commonly grown species in the world and are easy to recognise. However, as common as they are how well do we know or understand them?

Join Nillumbik’s Biodiversity Officer Julia Franco in this webinar to take a look at eucalypts in more depth, including the basics of their identification, where each local species grows and why, and what’s best for your revegetation project.

Originally published 9 September 2020. 


Eucalypts of North East Melbourne presentation,(PDF, 34MB) Julia Franco, Biodiversity Officer

Eucalypts of North East Melbourne presentation,(PDF, 6MB) Emma Sorrentino, Edendale Indigenous Nursery Officer


The benefits of increasing soil carbon on your property 

Join Nillumbik Shire Council’s Land Management Officer Stephanie Orive, who will explain what you can do in your garden, your paddock or bushland and the myriad benefits of increasing your soil carbon levels.

This webinar was originally published on 3 September 2020.



Solar Savers residential solar Q&A webinar

This webinar was originally published on 6 August 2020.



Divine Daves: traditional burning and botany in conversation

Uncle Dave Wandin, Wurundjeri elder and traditional firestick farming expert and Dave Cameron, Senior Botanist at the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning met on country at Bunjil Reserve to discuss their incredible wealth of knowledge.



The biology and population dynamics of kangaroos

A webinar recorded in June 2020 with Associate Professor Graeme Coulson, Honorary Principal Fellow and Wildlife Ecologist at Melbourne University and Council's Biodiversity Officer, Julia Franco.



Nillumbik Forest Health Monitoring Project with Nillumbik Landcare Network

Nillumbik Landcare Network show us some of the findings of their long term monitoring program.

Find out what kind of birds and wildlife were found across Nillumbik using audio recorders.



Nestbox Neighbours 

John Harris, principal ecologist at Wildlife Experiences joined us for an informative online session, discussing the types of animals that may live in nestboxes in local reserves like the Woodridge Linear Reserve, Eltham.


The Kingdom Fungi

Fungi are fundamentally important organisms. They're not just some kind of bizarre accessories in the landscape, but rather fungi underpin, pretty much every terrestrial ecosystem, on the planet. Join ecologist Alison Pouliot in this foray into the Kingdom Fungi.