Eltham Library Community Gallery

Opened in 1994, the Eltham Library Community Gallery is a much-loved community gallery space that sits within the Eltham Library complex on Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Country. It was designed by multi award-winning Melbourne architect, Gregory Burgess.

The Eltham Library Community Gallery is an important platform for emerging artists that provides entry into professional practice.

The gallery space offers a diverse exhibition program that showcases both traditional forms of art-making and new methods of art production, along with themes and ideas that are relevant to our times.


Eltham Library
Panther Place, Eltham

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday 9am-9pm
Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
Closed public holidays

Applications for exhibitions in 2024
Artists and curators are invited to submit ideas for solo, two-person and curated exhibitions for the 2024 exhibition program. Submissions close 1pm, Friday 26 May 2023 Find out more.  

Applications are now open for a 2024 Rainbow Exhibition: Celebrating LGBTIQA+ arts and culture at the Eltham Library Community Gallery. Submissions close 1pm, Wednesday 28 June 2023.  Find out more and apply.

Current exhibition

Randal Pound, Self Portrait, 2016, Ink and gouache on paper, 400 x 295 mm

Body of Landscape | Randal Pound

Friday 21 April to Sunday 28 May 2023

Randal Pound is inspired by people and the patterns created by their actions, interactions, situations and the things they leave behind. In this exhibition, Pound uses intuitive and abstract marks within his work and explores concepts of the human figure in or as landscape. Much of the imagery within his body of work is inspired by the Plenty River Gorge in Nillumbik. 

Please note:
The Eltham Library Community Gallery is closed on Friday 5 May 2023 due to Eltham Library maintenance works. 

Image: Randal Pound, Self Portrait, 2016, Ink and gouache on paper, 40 x 30cm, Courtesy of the artist

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Upcoming exhibitions

Nina Kelabora, Flight 1, 2022, Watercolour, thread, paint pen and acrylic paint on paper, 51 x 34cm

Flight | Nina Kelabora

Friday 2 June to Sunday 9 July 2023

The exhibition Flight is postponed to 2024 due to maintenance works at the Eltham Library. The Eltham Library Community Gallery will re-open on Thursday 13 July with The way of Japanese ink by Junko Azukawa.

Flight is the first exhibition of Eltham artist, Nina Kelabora. Mythical, solitary almost-creatures, celestial forms and oceanic-air landscapes are haunted by echoes of her grandmother’s song and father’s homeland in Indonesia. A difficult and tumultuous energy is in her works, as well as moments of peace linked to tidal rhythms. Her artworks explore ideas related to trauma and parenting and emerged as a healing process. 

Image: Nina Kelabora, Flight 1, 2022, Watercolour, paint pen and acrylic paint on paper, 51 x 34cm, Courtesy of the artist

Junko Azukawa, Nobody owns, 2021, Sumi ink on paper, 60cm x 85cm

The way of Japanese ink | Junko Azukawa

Friday 14 July to Sunday 20 August 2023

Junko Azukawa’s exhibition showcases Japanese ink paintings, Sumi-e and a cinematic short film exploring her artistic process. Sumi-e is a philosophy, it’s a way of living and an art form. Sumi soot ink painting began in China around the 8th century and then evolved in Japan as a Zen discipline. Sumi-e is practiced by monks and Samurai as well as artists. For Azukawa,  ink painting has become a powerful way to express the moment and explore ideas of inner self-growth.

Image: Junko Azukawa, Nobody Owns, 2021, Sumi ink on paper, 60 x 85cm, Courtesy of the artist

Brian Stevens, Orbs - messages in the sky, 2018, Acrylic paint on canvas, Courtesy of the artist

Talking and listening to country
Brian Stevens, Julie Tipene-O’Toole and Tiaki Mitchell

Friday 25 August to Sunday 1 October 2023

This exhibition is an invitation and reminder to all, to come sit and listen deeply to what the country has to tell us.

When we practice this, we begin to hear more clearly. Then and only then, will the country reveal its memories and messages that can help us heal the land and our people. The answers have always been there, we just need to ask and listen.

The works in this show are a response from artists Brian Stevens, Julie Tipene-O’Toole and Tiaki Mitchell to the practice of talking and listening to country.

Image: Brian Stevens, Orbs – messages in the sky, 2018, Acrylic on canvas, Courtesy of the artist

Jessica Roff, Stand Your Ground, 2022, Watercolour on canvas, Courtesy of the artist and Catholic Ladies College.jpg

Creative Minds

Friday 6 October to Sunday 29 October 2023

‘Creative Minds’ showcases artworks created by Nillumbik’s VCE Art and Studio Arts students of 2022. An annual exhibition presented at the Eltham Library Community Gallery celebrating artwork by our youth.

Participating High Schools include: Catholic Ladies' College, Eltham College, Eltham High School and Plenty Valley Christian College.

Image: Jessica Roff, Stand Your Ground, 2022, Watercolour on canvas, Courtesy of the artist and Catholic Ladies' College 

Emily Viski, Emily in Paris, 2022, acrylic on canvas framed, 60 x 60cm

Dogs are like sunshine | Emily Viski

Friday 3 November to Sunday 10 December 2023

‘Dogs are like sunshine’ is a playful exhibition by emerging artist, Emily Viski, her paintings explore colour, form and mark making. Viski’s joyful works aim to spread happiness and brighten people’s days. 

Image: Emily Viski, Emily in Paris, 2022, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60cm

Lucian Armstrong_Shades of Blue_2022_Watercolour on paper.jpg

diversARTy 2023 | Living & Learning Nillumbik

Thursday 14 December 2023 to Sunday 21 January 2024

Each year Living & Learning Nillumbik hold an exhibition at the Eltham Library Community Gallery. Showcasing the work of current participants and tutors in visual arts, ceramics, textile, glass, crafts and more.

This exhibition shares and celebrates the diversity of activities, abilities and people who come together to share, learn and connect at our Living & Learning Nillumbik centres in Diamond Creek, Eltham and Panton Hill.

Image: Lucian Armstrong, Shades of Blue, 2022, Watercolour on paper, Art for Kids Program, Living & Learning Nillumbik, Eltham

Past exhibitions

Xi Guo_Drying Chrysnthemums_2013_acrylic on canvas_76 x 101cm.jpg

Nostalgic | Xi Guo

Friday 10 March - Sunday 16 April 2023

Slow down, cherish the past and take a break from fast paced modern life in Xi Guo’s exhibition of painting and mixed media works. Xi Guo cherishes the times when computers and smart phones only appeared in science fiction films. Guo hopes her artworks spark beautiful conversations between older and younger generations.

Image: Xi Guo, Drying Chrysanthemums, 2013, acrylic on canvas, 76 x 101cm, Courtesy of the artist

Roslyn Quin

From Strange Pages | Roslyn Quin

Friday 27 January – Sunday 5 March 2023

Inspired by old folklore and archaic amusements, Roslyn Quin’s exhibition explores the deeply human hunger for sharing the delightful and uncanny. Quin uses discarded materials, found items, and a plethora of collage and mixed media techniques to slowly build a reflection of the world as she sees it. 


Image: Roslyn Quin, Civilisation fish, 2022, fabric and paper collage, 12.5 x 8cm, Courtesy of the artist

Visual description: Two ceramic creatures that appear to be white unicorns. The creature in the background is blurred in the photo, both creatures are seated and resting.


diversARTy | Living & Learning Nillumbik

Friday 9 December 2022 – Sunday 22 January 2023

In December each year Living & Learning Nillumbik hold an exhibition at the Eltham Library Community Gallery which showcases the work of current participants and tutors including visual arts, ceramics, textile, glass, crafts and more. It celebrates the diversity of activities, abilities and people who come together to share, learn and connect at our centres.


Image: Julie Barrington, Magical Creatures, 2021, Stoneware, shino glaze, dimensions variable

Image description: An abstract painting divided into six equal sections. The artist uses line and block shapes and pinks, yellows, blue, red, white and brown.

Araluen Centre | Art and Agency

Friday 28 October - Sunday 4 December 2022

Art and Agency is an exhibition that celebrates the art created by artists with a disability. Araluen is an organisation supporting adults with disabilities. It’s supported studios Art Connects, provides the artists the space and the assistance they need to create wonderful works of art. This exhibition will give a number of these artists an opportunity to plan and develop their own exhibition. It will give them choice and control and highlight a community of artists that have historically been overlooked.


Image: Melissa Kent, Spaces inbetween, 2020, mixed media, 84 x 89cm


Visual description: Six woven necklaces overlapping each other on a white background. The necklaces have blocks of brown, gold, white and black colours.

Catrine Berlatier & Chantal Stewart | Of Two Minds

Friday 16 September – Sunday 23 October 2022

Of Two Minds is an exhibition of works by two friends of 40 years. Both originally from France, Berlatier and Stewart share similar artistic sensibilities. There is a common thread of lightness, purity of lines and elegance present in both their practices, be it Chantal’s graceful drawings and refined ceramics, or Catrine’s delicate jewellery and diaphanous textiles.

Image: Catrine Berlatier, Woven Necklaces, 2018-2021, Canson paper, dimensions variable

Visual description: A painting depicting a women’s face, her skin is coloured multiple colours. Two yellow flowers are depicted below her face. The word loss is depicted in red near the flowers.

Creative Minds: Nillumbik VCE Arts, Studio Arts & Fashion students of 2021

Friday 5 August – Sunday 11 September 2022

A showcase of artworks created by Nillumbik’s VCE Art, Studio Arts & Fashion students. An annual exhibition presented at the Eltham Library Community Gallery. Showcasing works from the following schools: Catholic Ladies College, Eltham College, Eltham High School & Plenty Valley Christian College.

Image: Bianca Walker, Loss, 2021, Mixed media on paper, 42 x 59cm,Courtesy of the artist and Catholic Ladies College

Visual description: A monochromatic painting depicting the back of a man with a dog on a lead. The background is the woodgrain from the plywood.

Chloe Vallance | Sit. Walk. Wonder

Saturday 25 June – Sunday 31 July 2022

Sit. Walk. Wonder explores studio-based drawings by local artist Chloe Vallance.  Chloe’s works are developed by observing everyday activities of people and animals.  Chloe is interested in moments of contemplation. Often the figures in her works are seen to be looking into the middle distance, pausing or walking, each on their own journey.

Image: Chloe Vallance, Music, 2021, colour pencil on plywood, 29.5 x 35cm

Visual description: A glass word with a girl depicted and a rabbit. With a teapot and cup between them and a key hanging above in a tree branch

The Artistry of Books | Thou Art Mum

Friday 20 May – Sunday 19 June 2022

Books are portable magic. They can take us to faraway lands filled with emotive adventures, mysteries to solve and dragons to chase. Words and diagrams teach us about nature, our world and our past. Beautiful images of art, architecture and animals grace the pages and our imaginations.

See how books have inspired our group of TAM artists, from how they are physically constructed, to stories we’ve experienced and knowledge we’ve gleaned. We welcome you to our exhibition, The Artistry of Books, and join us on a journey without leaving the room.

Image: Deborah Bowen, Alice’s Adventures, 2020, kiln formed glass

Open Studios 2022

Nillumbik Open Studio Artists

Friday 8 April to Sunday 15 May, 2022
Visual description: A ceramic plate with five red flowers with blue stems, and light green leaves. With a cream background with small blue dots.

The Nillumbik Artists Open Studio program involves over 28 studios working across various art forms, including painting, ceramics, metal work, sculpture, printmaking and glass work. Each of the artists involved in the program will have work in the exhibition.


Image: M L Pittard, Red Flower, 2021

Naughty See Monkey & Louise Jade | Dancing on Sunshine

Friday 4 March  Sunday 3 April 2022

Visual description: A painting depicts blue, green, yellow, orange and red organic shapes on a grey background. A blue pool shape appears in the middle ground, with a black colour in the foreground.
No matter what the day brings, I get unequivocal joy being in the studio improvising and being immersed in my creative process.

 - Naughty

Being in thrall of my creative process: the contemplation, the execution and process, is at once thrilling and gentling for my being.  Making Art is inevitable.
- Louise

Image: Naughty See Monkey, 98 pool of reflections, 2007, Oil and collage on paper, 60 x 42cm 

Deb Garrett & Kate Belvedere | Solitude 

Friday 21 January  Sunday 27 February 2022



Inspired by the landscape, Deb Garrett and Kate Belvedere’s practice explore feelings of solitude, isolation, quietness and emptiness through a variety of mediums - photography, drawing, print making and ceramics. Ironically, their shared interest in solitude has brought them together. Deb Garrett’s work centres around finding stillness and quiet in order to connect to a space. Also having lived in the area for many years, Deb’s interested in capturing the landscape during these quiet moments, particularly during dawn when there is a sense of calm and stillness that can sometimes also be unnervingly eerie. Kate Belvedere’s work centres around themes of decay and the indifference of nature as well as exploring the duality of the life giving and life taking aspects of the natural world. Her work particularly references native Australian bowerbirds, and their enchantment with decorating their nests with bright blue objects.

Image credits:
Left: Kate Belvedere, Into the Abyss, 2019, oil on board, 21 x 29 cm
Right: Deb Garrett, The pond in Summer 1, 2021, Giclee print photograph on cotton rag, 29 x 42 cm


To see what else is happening in the arts across Nillumbik visit our What's on page.

Photo of ceramics on plinth and print in front of fireplace installed in the Eltham Library Community Gallery

Image credit:
Install photo of 'Solitude' by Deb Garrett and Kate Belvedere, ELCG, 2022. Photography: Jamie Robertson 

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