Owning other animals

Photo of four chickens


If you own pets or farm animals (other than a dog or cat) in Nillumbik, you will need to meet some state and local government requirements. These requirements help:

  • keep your animals safe
  • prevent your animals from being a nuisance to the community
  • ensure public safety.

To find out about the requirements for dogs and cats, see:

Limits on pets and farm animals 

Depending on the type and number of animals you wish to keep, and the size of your property, you may require a permit.

Maximum permitted animals without a permit.

Animal type Land less than 1000m2  Land 1000m2 to 4000m2 Land greater than 4000m2  Permit required? 
Dogs  2 2  2 No
Cats  2 2  2 No
Large birds (pigeon, cockatoo or other bird of similar or larger size but does not include poultry)  5 10  10 No
Poultry  5 10  24 or less No
Roosters  0 0  1 No
Other livestock  0 0 Not limited by this Local Law No

* The above restriction does not include any bird or poultry (other than a rooster) that is less than 12 weeks; or any dog or cat that is less than 3 months old.

Any more than the number of animals listed above will require a permit, planning approval may be required in addition.

You will also need to apply to Council for a livestock permit to keep pets or farm animals if your property is zoned residential, regardless of the size of the property or the number of animals.

Application to keep livestock

Keep your animals confined

You are legally required to keep your pets and farm animals confined to your property. This means your property must have:

  • a closed gate that your animals cannot jump, get under or through
  • an escape-proof fence that your animals cannot jump, get under or through.

If you don't confine your animals, you may get a fine or your animals could be impounded.